A word is the smallest free form in a language.
may refer to a spoken word or a written word, or sometimes, the abstract concept behind either.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stumbling / Stepping Stone

I didn't see you so I found myself stumbling then falling to the ground.  I started to cry from the pain but then I found, that the fall had moved me forward a little more then just walking could've.  So I rose to my feet and stood top of you the way I should've. Instead of letting the pain be the focus of my location, I see now your purpose is for my elevation. I stand there for a moment to see the changes I need to make, and now I see the mistakes. Looking back and looking down are what brought me to the ground, but I'm looking forward now. I will see you coming next time and move quickly to stand on top. No I will not wallow on the ground in despair, because I know you are only there, to help me move me forward.

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