A word is the smallest free form in a language.
may refer to a spoken word or a written word, or sometimes, the abstract concept behind either.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Alone but out in the open every one sees you but no one does. Taken all you can to survive. Leaving things of worth behind. Empty of life like a dry dessert. This is your life. It was not something you hoped to be, but what your choices have given. A shopping cart filled to the top nothing in it worth the tears you've dropped. To late for I'm sorry the bridges are all burned. Now you have no where to turn. Took for granted all that you had. Now you have no where to lay your head. The pain that you fill is doubled in me cause you are mine and forever will be.


Listen not just with your ear
Hear not just to what I say
Be aware of how my body moves

Listen to the tone of my voice
Hear not the vibration of sound
Be aware of every part of what I say

Listen so you don't misunderstand
Hear what is not said at all
Be aware of how I'm feelin

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A promise a word that is not broken or spoken unsure. Not dust carried away in the wind but sturdy and everlasting. Words spoken with life given wings and put to flight. Given strength because of action that is steady without restraint. Like I do love you for better or worst. I'll be there even when it hurts. Or I'm on your team through the thick and thin. I'll be there to make sure you win. What about words spoken to ourselves? These promises made should hold the same wealth. Words mean something and have power we don't see. There the breath that pushes us toward what we receive. Yes I now realize I must be committed to me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Comfortable feels good but sometimes it isn't, cause when its time to move sometimes you miss it. At ease nothing seems to be wrong, walkin along singing a song, but life is ever changing so don't let comfort do the upstaging. When comfort seems to be all you feel be careful you may be being still, while opportunities are passing you by. Take a chance move out of that comfort zone. Don't worry you wont be alone. Then instead of just comfort filling your life, happiness can take a part inside.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


You look back and see its tracks have been movin along never changin direction and you realized you have been forced forward by it constantly. Every second a part of your life gone never to return, and when you stop and think about it, and wonder if you made the right choices you realize, every choice made you who you are at that moment. So its all good, and you recognize goodness and mercy right there behind you, so you press on with a smile thankin God for life and precious time.


What they see is not always what is. What they perceive is not always true. They forget quickly what was and try to imagine what is to come. They need their friends. They need ears, and nose, and hands, and tongue. To take on the fullness of life. To not be deceived by life. And still common sense is needed. Which come to find out is not common at all.


Peace, its what I strive for everyday, to have it I know must obey. The Word says stop being anxious and say what I need than be thankful before I receive it. Well any way what's all the worrin gone do but tear my insides through and through. So though I don't see the answer right now I know for sure its comin some how. God will do what He said He would do, and I believe. That is why today I have peace.